New product for “Muskie” rods!

Now 6 “Muskie” size fishing rods in the new RS360 XL-6!


RS360 on Lund boat

RS360 on Lund fishing boat

How it works!

Base and Riser Post

The Rod Select 360 is a boat mounted fishing rod holder. It is designed to be easily positioned to keep your fishing rods safe and out of your way when you are not using them.

The RS360 mounts to your boat with a 4 1/2″ diameter base. Depending on your boat set-up, just decide the most convenient place to mount the rod holder. It is anchored to the boat with four 5/16″ diameter bolts.

Swivel (or hinge)

The rod holder unit is attached to the base with a “swivel” that loosens and tightens with 1/2 turn of the handle.  When the “swivel” is loosened, the rod holder will pivot 360 degrees around the riser post, or at any angle from horizontal to vertical.  You can have them pointing one direction while you are fishing, then another position while traveling on the water.  It only takes a few seconds to reposition them!

Spring Clamp for rod handle.

The RS360 holds 5 fishing rods at a time. To insert a fishing rod, simply lift the “Pull Knob” and put the rod handle into the wheel. The spring loaded clamp secures the handle of your fishng rod.

Molded pockets to secure you fiberglass fishing rod body.

Then press the fishing rod body into the plastic pocket provided. The rod holder is designed to hold medium to small diameter fishing rods. Your larger bass fishing rods will push in a little harder, and your light- weight crappie/pan-fish rods will snap in easier. All of these medium size rods should stay securely in place whether you are trolling your favorite fishing spot, or traveling at high speeds trying to get to that spot!


Lastly, the bumper is also custom molded and is used to keep the tips of your fishing rods from hitting together at high speeds on the lake or on the highway.  The rod tips just rest in the pockets provided. They are not designed to have the fishing rod snap into place and be retained.

RS360 on Lowe Fishing Boat

lowe fishing boat (can be vertical or horizontal)

lowe fishing boat (rear mounted)

RS360 on Skeeter Boat

RS360 on Skeeter 3 (Dual RS360's on Skeeter Bass Boat)

RS360 on Skeeter 4

RS360 on a Ranger Boat

RS360 on Ranger (Front Rods Pointing Back)

Jon Boat

RS360 on Jon Boat

Fish n Ski

RS360 on Fish N ski boat

RS360 on Fish N' Ski

Mounting Made Easy!

The rod holder can be placed in a variety of locations on your boat.From pontoons to bass boats, this holder will keep your rods off the deck – protecting them!

RS360 on Pontoon

Organize your pontoon with the RS360

Are you tired of having fishing rods laying all over the deck of your boat?  Use the RS 360 to eliminate that problem.  Fishing rods can even get tangled in your storage lockers. Solve this by installing our product in the rod locker!!!

Tandem RS360's in rod locker

Organize below deck storage with RS360!!!

This Skeeter bass boat has large storage lockers, but rods and lines still get tangled. Two side by side RS360’s solve the problem! The rods on the bottom of the wheel are easily accessible by simply rotating the wheel until the rod you want is on the top!

High Quality Construction!

Our RS360 is an American made product. It is built and assembled in northern Illinois from Aluminum and Stainless Steel. These quality materials are CNC machined and then powder coated with a high gloss finish. Parts are then assembled with care to  create a high quality product that will serve you for many years.